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   Calligraphy is a form of ornamental handwriting found in various cultures throughout the world and whose origins date back to ancient times. A contemporary definition of calligraphic practice would be: "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner." Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well. It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire. Advantages of Calligraphy : 1. Calligraphy nurtures your spirit 2. Calligraphy cultivates your heart 3. Calligraphy cultivates your vision 4. Calligraphy nurtures the concept of aesthetics 5. Calligraphy: A path to a righteous heart 6. Calligraphy improves your willingness to learn 7. Calligraphy elevates the spirit 8. Calligraphy nurtures a respectful heart 9. Calligraphy nurtures propriety

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