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Art and Craft

Art and Craft

   Art and craft course is to develop artistic skills using our creative potential, increase our creativity and it also helps us in refreshing our minds. Handicraft, a variety of work useful in the creation of decorative objects which are made completely by hand or with simple tools. Handicraft applies to a wide range of creative, design activities that are related to making things, objects, showpiece items with one's hand and skill. Handicraft usually is applied to traditional techniques of creating items.       Bottom of Form Types of Craft 1.Textile Craft The craft for which fabric, yarn or surface design are used is known as Textile Craft. Few examples for this type of craft are knitting, quilting, appliqué, weaving and dyeing. Textile Crafts are also used to design wall hangings. 2.Paper Craft As the name sounds, theses craft have to do with well – paper! Few examples of paper craft include papermaking, calligraphy, designing stuff on paper etc. 3.Decorative Craft Furniture making, metalwork, stenciling, stained glass, spongeware, surface design of walls, basketry, dry flower arrangement, soft toy making fall into the category of decorative craft. Nowadays dry flower arrangement is used for interior decoration and marriage functions. 4.Fashion Craft Fashion Craft includes making of jewelry, hats, leatherwork, shoes, belts, handbags and garments. 5.Functional Craft Functional Craft is a craft which is used in day-to-day life. The above mentioned types of craft can also be classified as functional. For example, decorative pottery is made with components that are okay for your customers to eat from such as serving platters or utensils. Many furniture craft are primarily functional but can also be quite decorative.

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